Archive | July, 2009

Fundamentals of Quality Monitoring

Today, I came across a great article by Rebecca Gibson on the Contact Center Pipeline Web site. The article, “Quality Monitoring: Back to Basics” discusses how Convergys implemented five fundamental strategies to improve their quality monitoring program. As I read the article, it struck me that contact center quality monitoring and the quality assurance process [...]

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Take a Tour – CallRex Computer Recording

In June, Telrex announced version 3.9 of CallRex Computer Recording. The software package enables managers to live monitor computer desktops and capture desktop video during calls in order to identify areas for business process improvement or training opportunities. We have recently published a new training video with an overview of CallRex Computer Recording software. The [...]

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Take a Tour — Creating Evaluations in CallRex Agent Evaluation

To help you better understand CallRex Agent Evaluation software, another video walk-through has been posted to Telrex’s Web site. Creating Evaluations in CallRex Agent Evaluation details the process of evaluating staff using CallRex software. In CallRex Agent Evaluation, authorized managers and supervisors can evaluate recorded telephone interactions in a few simple steps. Recorded calls can [...]

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