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Month: March 2011

Faces of Telrex: Meet Amy Holcomb

Amy Holcomb is Telrex’s sales administrator, supporting the worldwide sales and support teams. From coordinating new license orders for existing customers to facilitating maintenance renewals, Amy is a valuable member of the team. Amy also schedules all installation services, keeping customers and resellers ‘in the loop’ about processes and key milestones in the project plan.

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“Mistakes Were Made…”

A former President of the United States once said “Mistakes were made.” Don’t worry, this isn’t a political blog. “Mistakes were made” is a famous example of writing or speaking in the passive voice. He did not say “They made mistakes” or “We made mistakes.” He said simply “Mistakes were made.”

While passive voice may have its place in the world of objective journalism, politics and scientific publication, when we use this form of writing or speaking in everyday conversation, it generally sounds odd and begs answers to questions.

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“Take a bite out of bugs before they take a bite out of you!”

So what do bed bugs have to do with IVR technologies? Well, in the world of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software development, we talk about “bugs” as errors in the code. And if your organization is in the business of writing IVR applications, it has undoubtedly experienced being bitten by “application bugs.” And like bed bugs, unless you proactively look for them, you might not know they’re there, they are usually hard to find, and once you have them, it is not cheap to get rid of them.

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