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The Talent Behind The Voices

Have you ever wondered about the people that record the voice of your IVR and other systems? What do they do when they’re not standing behind the microphone?

Enghouse Interactive’s Media Voice Studios has a talented group of professionals who are ready to help bring life to your company’s persona.

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Arc Solutions/Enghouse Interactive at Cisco Live 2012

We are now counting down the days and finishing off final preparation for Cisco Live in London at the Excel, January 31st – February 2nd 2012. Cisco Live is Cisco’s flagship technology, training and networking event for their ever growing and influential customer base. At the heart of the conference is “World of Solutions”, an [...]

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Enghouse Interactive Products are Virtually Ready

Please forgive the play on words, but if I captured your attention with my underwhelming title, then “mission accomplished.” Server virtualization technologies continue to be a major trend in enterprise IT and the benefits extend to interaction management and the contact center. The key value propositions for server virtualization are increased utilization of hardware resources, [...]

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Are Cloud-based Contact Centre solutions right for you?

Cloud-Based contact centres aren’t an entirely new concept – they have been evolving under different names (SaaS, Hosted) for many years. However the term ‘Cloud’ still best illustrates the vision of being accessible from anywhere. It’s a hot topic at the moment with analysts including Frost & Sullivan, Ovum and Gartner all predicting significant, double-digit [...]

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The Next Evolution of CallRex Workforce Management

CallRex Workforce Management Delivers Key Features Essential to Businesses
Enghouse Interactive recently announced the release of a new CallRex Workforce Management solution. A ground-up product build, CallRex Workforce Management software is designed to address the specific needs of small- to medium-sized businesses. CallRex Workforce Management 4.0 is the perfect solution to enable organizations to graduate from inefficient methods used for forecasting and scheduling their workforces.

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Evolving Customer Service with SMS

In the past ten years, SMS messaging has grown from a mere curiosity to something most everyone is involved in. Recent media and legislative attention has been paid to this issue and the truth is more people are using text as their preferred method of communication than ever before, even while driving down the road. [...]

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Announcing CallRex Call Recording Version 4.2

Enghouse Interactive, provider of the CallRex™ suite of IP call recording and contact center optimization solutions, announced the release of version 4.2 of CallRex Call Recording™ software. Features included in version 4.2 are focused on bringing enterprise-ready quality management solutions to companies using Microsoft Lync as their unified communications solution.

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Achieving Your Business Goals

The New Year often inspires us to start fresh, reassess and refocus, or reboot. Lists of resolutions abound! As it usually trends, many businesses use the new calendar (or fiscal) year to build a resolution list of their own. The common denominators on these lists often include worthwhile objectives to be more efficient, provide higher levels of service, and build stronger business relationships.

The good news is that a great number of companies in several industries may be closer to achieving their goals than they realize. Some companies have the solution already in-house!

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Why the User Interface Matters

Not very long ago, maybe even yesterday, it was reasonable to expect that your line of business applications looked something like this: Though Eric Burke’s comic pushes for the need for simplicity, within the context of business requirements, simplicity is rarely an option. While a deep investigation into why data is needed or why a [...]

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