Archive | June, 2016

Split Decision? – Fierce Debate Rages in Contact Centres across the Land as Poll Decision Nears

As we enter the last week of the EU referendum campaign, the overall decision remains on a knife edge – and it’s clear that across the contact centre industry, the choice of whether to stay or leave remains the focus for passionate and heated debate. A snapshot poll of a small sample of senior decision-makers [...]

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Improving Contact Center Success with Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) solutions are found in nearly every enterprise, and the benefits they provide, including enhanced communication (even at a distance) and improved collaboration within teams and between business units, enable cost savings by reducing travel, and much more. But, one, sometimes overlooked, business case for UC is improving customer engagement. 

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How Technology Can Increase Agent Productivity

Agent productivity has always been a key consideration for contact centres and technology can play a huge role in helping to achieve this. Here are just 3 ways that technology can deliver enhanced efficiency and drive up productivity.   1. Providing an effective interface to help agents handle interactions Businesses need to give contact centre [...]

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