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Analysts, Beaches, and Contact Centers

Beaches and contact centers rarely have anything in common—one might even say they are polar opposites. However, we pulled them together for our first Enghouse Interactive North American Analyst Summit in Huntington Beach, along with our executive team and a handful of top industry analysts. We chose California because we knew if the event tanked we could just walk out to the beach and provide an open bar to recover. Thankfully the event didn’t tank, but we still managed to rack up a pretty big tab and had plenty of fun.

Not only did the analysts get a clearer picture of our solution sets and go-to-market strategy, we also confirmed that the industry absolutely lines up with our “unorthodox” approach. I quote unorthodox because we believe it’s the best approach. One size does not fit all when it comes to contact center offerings. Large enterprises, resellers, SMB, and carriers/service providers all have different needs and requirements, while demanding the lowest TCO possible. So instead of taking one or two products, with one or two deployment models, and attempting to force that into every company’s needs, we provide three tailored solutions for SMB/resellers (Communication Center), enterprises (Contact Center: Enterprise), and carriers/service providers (Contact Center: Service Provider). We also provide several pricing and deployment models for each. This includes subscription pricing for premise solutions which brings the best of both worlds together.

  • Communications Center (EICC) is an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy multimedia contact center solution. EICC helps SMBs and resellers who require a simple support helpdesk or a sophisticated multimedia solution from as little as 10+ seats. It can cope efficiently with large numbers of inbound and outbound contacts by email, fax, web chat, SMS, or phone with the flexibility to meet your business and budget requirements.
  • Contact Center: Enterprise (CCE) fits enterprises requiring advanced capabilities and high availability within distributed environments. The customer journey is supported by an omni-channel routing engine which delivers every type of customer interaction to a unified queue, while displaying comprehensive access to the customer interaction lifecycle from the agent or supervisor view. It also provides a summary of past interactions in a Customer Timeline view on the contact record. It costs a fraction of equivalent competitive solutions, while providing flexible deployment options and is PBX agnostic.
  • Contact Center: Service Provider (CCSP) provides a huge differentiator with our approach to cloud. It equips service providers with the optimal go-to-market for a cloud contact center. This is because, unlike contact center vendors who host their own applications, with CCSP, service providers are able to bundle together a complete set of packaged services including: network, telco, UC, and business applications such as CRM, contact center, business intelligence, HR, etc. This all-in-one approach has a high ROI for the end customer, while allowing the service providers to be profitable with their offerings.

These three platforms custom fit today’s marketplace and are complemented by: one of the world’s most deployed operator consoles, a knowledge management suite, quality management suite, as well as self-service, outbound/blended, and mobile solutions.

Getting back to the beach… The event was a great step forward for Enghouse Interactive. We will continue to expand upon our Analyst Summit in future years—meaning bigger crowd, more content, beautiful setting, and bigger bar tab.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Read what some of the analysts had to say:

Sheila McGee-Smith, McGee-Smith Analytics:

Lisa Durant, Nemertes Research:

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