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Santa Knows His Brand… Do You Know Yours?

What is your company’s voice?
How are your company’s brand values communicated through your corporate Web site, phone systems, and training materials? Is the voice that your customers and partners hear the best representation of your company and brand?

When you think of iconic characters, like Kermit the Frog, Mickey Mouse, or even Bart Simpson, certain voices and sounds immediately come to mind. The same should be true for your brand. Santa Claus explains the importance of brand associations in this video:

So, what are the characteristics of your company’s brand? At MediaVoice, we specialize in helping you bring your company’s brand voice to life. We provide voice talent, voice recording, and audio recording services that are unmatched in the industry. Our experts work closely with you during the design and development of your contact center solution to achieve the best results for branding and usability.

To learn more about our services, request information here, visit the MediaVoice Web site or contact us today at +1.800.788.9733 x2815 for a free consultation.

During her twenty years in the IVR and phone switch industries, Barbara Hawkins-Scott has been selected as the signature voice of several Fortune 500 companies. A unique background blending directing, production, acting and talent management has served to develop an outstanding group of voice talent and audio engineers for MediaVoice.

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