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Break Out of the Silos

It’s an age-old problem: front-line employees attempt to pass along valuable customer information to other departments, only to be dismissed as “hear say” or as a “one-off” situation. “Perhaps you misheard them,” or “that must be unique to the customer’s environment,” are common refrains throughout companies. Today, technology allows companies to utilize the voice of the customer beyond the contact center — breaking out of traditional silos and allowing employees across the enterprise to hear feedback and praise directly from customers and partners.

Traditionally, call recording has been considered a “must have” solution for medium- to large-sized contact centers. But, the cost of entry has been insurmountable for smaller companies who are looking to monitor employee calls and computer activity. The evolution of the call recording market and the introduction of subscription-based, or “pay-as-you-grow,” pricing has lowered the cost of entry to mission-critical applications, making them available to companies of every size.

Now, you can maximize every customer interaction, training agents on cross- and up-sell opportunities using “real-world” conversations, as well as documenting the customer experience. Call recording technology allows companies to take the recordings a step further, offering portability of the recordings. For example, CallRex Call Recording software allows companies to export calls in a standard .WAV recording format, which can be played back using any standard desktop media player. The compact files can be attached to e-mail, included in CRM records, or saved locally on desktops. The portability of the call recordings allows companies to break out of their information silos, sharing information and allowing the voice of the customer to be heard across the organization.

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