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Catching up to Millennials to drive business…Wait, what?!

by Scott Logan, Marketing Director, Enghouse Interactive 

Millennials may not be getting much respect in the work place right now and that may or may not be deserved depending on the individual. What IS certain is that as time goes on Millennials, by reason of default – old Father Time, will be taking on decision making roles. The other certainty is that Millennials are much more tech savvy, social media dependent, and expect more from the companies they are customers of than business leaders today. They expect to get immediate results and responses, no matter the time of day, using their preferred channel: phone, email, chat, SMS or social media.  Compiling on top of that, their small children are already blowing THEM out of the water with their communication tools and have even steeper communication expectations. (That is partially our fault, eek!) I should know, I am a borderline Millennial with a six year old and he already rocks my world with my electronic devices and desire for immediate response to everything!

Point being, companies have to adjust to this new business landscape or face irrelevance and possible extinction. Patience is no longer a virtue, it is disappearing more and more every time communication technology advances.

Cue in, multi- and omni-channel customer service and paying attention to every customer interaction, as one mishap can quickly go viral and cause expensive chaos.

Real world examples:

  1. When I look for thought leadership and new business tools, I check Twitter and LinkedIn.
  2. When I want to find a local business/restaurant, I check Yelp or Google reviews.
  3. When I evangelize or complain, I go to Facebook or Twitter.
  4. When I need expert help, I connect with experts on LinkedIn.

Here is how businesses adapt and benefit from the above examples respectively:

  1. Get your product experts, analysts, marketers and sales reps to promote thought leadership content socially. If you have the best content and education, people will share it and flock to you.
  2. Reward review submissions and advertise on Yelp and Google. Don’t make it a side project – own it!
  3. Socially “listen” for complaints about you and your competitors. Take the high road with a kind and good natured response to win new customers and win back upset ones.
  4. Get your experts, analysts, marketers and sales reps to create customer centric online profiles and build out their networks strategically (not blindly by the masses) to gain exposure in your field.

By practicing and implementing these types of techniques you will not only boost your sales and customer satisfaction today, but you will be fully prepared when this becomes the old school standard for the world tomorrow.

Accelerate your ability to adapt to this new landscape by arming your teams with:

  • Customer Service: robust contact center solution (premise, cloud or hybrid)
  • Sales: outbound dialer, CRM, social selling tools
  • Marketing: marketing automation platform and social media tools

Are you ready? Guess where you can find some great reviews and advise on purchasing these solutions… I know where I’m looking! Follow the Millennials!

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