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CCaaS is The Smart Way to Solve Customer-Facing BPO Challenges

As companies’ omni-channel customer experience demands increase, savvy BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) providers are turning to the cloud to provide flexible and scalable contact center offerings. Aberdeen research found that customers having a wealth of information on competitors and expecting a consistent experience across all channels were the two main concerns keeping Customer Experience Management [...]

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Are you Winning the Waiting Game?

The waiting game in contact centers is never enjoyable. In order to keep your company’s customer service ahead of the competition and provide an effortless experience for agents and customers alike, it’s essential to incorporate true predictive dialing. Your call center can earn a reputation as a smooth operator by providing customers with valuable information [...]

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Do you really know which channels are important to your customers?

Being able to deliver high-quality customer service is arguably more critical to business success than ever. Our recentEnghouse Interactive survey highlighted that the public often take action as a result of the service they receive that significantly impacts a business’s brand reputation – either positively or negatively. 60% of respondents to the question, “what actions [...]

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10 Trends of Today’s Successful Contact Centers

The overall trend in this new era of customer-centricity, customer advocacy, and customer lifetime value, is moving the traditional contact center to a “Customer Engagement Center” (CEC)    As Call Centers have evolved into Contact Centers, they have come to embrace the concepts of multiple modalities of communications, and other exciting innovations. The most recent [...]

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Multimedia Management and the Universal Queue

Customer Communication Channels

Enghouse Interactive has partnered with ContactBabel to bring you the 2013 ContactBabel Decision Makers’ Guide. The following is an excerpt from the Guide discussing Multimedia Management and the Universal Queue.

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Complimentary Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

If you are like most people, you’ve probably seen a lot written about the cloud-based contact centers lately, but still have many unanswered questions. That is why Enghouse Interactive has partnered with the industry experts at ContactBabel to bring you the brand new “Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions” that takes a holistic view of cloud contact center ranging from basic terminology and ROI potential to practical implementation advice and more.

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Evolution of the Multi-Channel Contact Center

What is preventing your organization from making every interaction count? Enghouse Interactive is here to help!

Enghouse Interactive, premier provider of technology and expertise to maximize the value of every customer interaction, is pleased to offer you a complimentary white paper from ContactBabel about the evolution of the multi-channel contact center.

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Volcanoes & Business Continuity

As many may recall, last year Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted after nearly two centuries, spewing tons of ash into the atmosphere. Unfortunately the resulting caustic cloud brought air traffic to a halt in many parts of Europe keeping many passengers from their destinations for days.

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Why Use CTI with

Syntellect has published an informative whitepaper, “Removing Your Fear of CTI for,” download it today. Consumer advocates in the telephony arena all agree that Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables a better caller experience for your customers. It improves customer service, reduces customer frustration, and improves your own bottom line. Syntellect’s free whitepaper discusses how [...]

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