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Cincom Standardizes on CT Connect

Cincom standardized on CT Connect to add CTI capabilities to their Synchrony contact center solutions. A contact center solution designed to optimize customer interactions and agent productivity, Cincom Synchrony empowers clients to outperform their competition by giving them the ability to increase revenue, control cost, minimize risk, and achieve rapid ROI.

Even though Synchrony had been a very successful product for a number of years, Cincom’s product development team faced a difficult task: finding a way to integrate sophisticated PBX call control functions that would power a range of CTI features including the unified agent desktop capability that sets their product apart in the industry. Their challenge was made especially difficult consider the number of available PBX models and the frequency with which upgrades are released.

CT Connect is now an integral part of our product development strategy enabling us to significantly lower development costs and speed time-to-market.” – Theresa Vanlaeken, product manager of customer experience, Cincom Systems

View the complete case study to learn how the Cincom Synchrony development team utilized CT Connect to streamline switch integration development and eliminate ongoing support issues, or visit to learn more how your company can benefit from CTI software.

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