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Are Cloud-based Contact Centre solutions right for you?

Cloud-Based contact centres aren’t an entirely new concept – they have been evolving under different names (SaaS, Hosted) for many years. However the term ‘Cloud’ still best illustrates the vision of being accessible from anywhere.

It’s a hot topic at the moment with analysts including Frost & Sullivan, Ovum and Gartner all predicting significant, double-digit growth in the number of cloud-based contact centre seats over the next few years.

So what is all the noise about with Cloud-based contact centre solutions? There are many forms of cloud offering, including Private Cloud,  but the true cloud deploy is Public Cloud where you rent contact centre services from a third party service provider. The advantages include a pay as you go service, a scalable solution for your business, shorter term contracts and also the ability to protect the company from rapid change or seasonal fluctuations.

The public cloud brings advanced contact centre technology within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses for the first time and provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative to on-premise solutions, for large enterprises across the world as well. If you have unpredictable services where you need to add and remove agents continuously across multiple locations then cloud environment would probably be an ideal fit.

By using a service provider it can remove the pain of managing technology and resources – providing you with on-demand access to the latest applications and technologies. With access to external IT specialists it removes the need to recruit in-house IT personnel and takes away the pain of future proofing and continuously upgrading internal software.

Also, with a flexible pricing model on offer where you only pay for what you use, it means that you are in-synch with your real usage. Unlike other rental services you are still in control with tenant self-administration so you have business agility for your operations without technology stopping you – enabling you to trial new strategies such as a new location or  channel at a lower cost and risk.

However every organisation is different. There is rarely a technology model that fits all needs.  That’s especially true in the customer contact world as customers’ needs change regularly. So when you make decisions about your contact centres it is worth looking at all deployments including on-premise and private cloud. On premise has its advantages especially in a large organisation where agent numbers are fairly static and customers are consistent…whereas a private cloud based in-house is probably best suited to a multi-site environment.

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