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Contact Center Seasonality

What is Seasonality?

A contact center with seasonality is characterized by large influxes of customer interactions that correspond to annual events, such as the holiday season, sporting events, vacation season, hurricane season or back to school. Seasonality can also be a planned event such as liquidation sales, conferences or seminars.

Seasonal spikes creates a number of problems and challenges for contact centers such as:

  • Staffing – it doesn’t make sense to employ the agents required for peak volumes on a permanent basis.
  • Infrastructure – the capital expense and recurring costs for contact center infrastructure required at peak times is prohibitive.
  • Facilities – physical space is required for additional computer and application infrastructure as well as contact center resources to accommodate peak interaction volume.

Companies that are affected by seasonality include travel and tourism, retail, manufacturing, technology and insurance to name a few. These companies use their capital to build additional in-house contact center infrastructure to handle these seasonal peaks. In the off-season, these the extra resources sit idle.

Technology Can Help with Seasonal Peaks

Enghouse Interactive can help seasonality contact centers problems with solutions designed to help deliver exceptional customer service during peak times. Here are just a few solutions to efficiently use all your resources during seasonal spikes:

  • Seasonal Licensing – “Flex” your Contact Center: Enterprise licenses expanding the number of agent licenses required for your peak period.
  • iAgent – Fully featured, browser-based agent enables agents to work from anywhere, at any time. Staff can work from home or any location with network access and a phone.
  • Cloud Deployment Options – Scale your server capacity up and down with cloud infrastructure. The OpEx model lets you pay only for the computing resources you need.

To learn more about solutions for seasonality, contact an Enghouse Interactive sales representative.


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