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Conversations with Customers—Outbound

I am David Colliver with Enghouse Interactive and have been around the enterprise and contact centers for over fifteen years. Needless to say, I’ve talked to a lot of contact center / customer service leaders and IT leaders. Through those conversations I’ve learned a lot of valuable insights that many people in similar roles could benefit from. So over the next few months I will share what these leaders are challenged with, how they are overcoming those challenges, and how they see their world changing in the years to come.

I will start with a meeting last week with a current customer where we were reviewing our latest release in one of our multi-channel contact center offerings. I love these meetings because it really tests what features you think may resonate versus what really does. In other words, some features and benefits may knock the customer’s socks off and other features and benefits are met with blank stares or silence. Stares AND silence are the worst combination and is where I immediately state, “I didn’t think that feature was very useful either.” Just Kidding.

In this meeting, one feature that did “knock their socks off” was the inclusion of outbound predictive, progressive and preview dialing. In this particular customer’s contact center, a subset of inbound customer service agents are tasked with making a series of outbound calls to verify information with their customers. Currently, the way the agent is managing this outbound process is fairly manual. They have no centralized list management in the system today which inevitably leads to inefficiency with the agents and their outbound tasks. As we all know in the contact center, efficiency is critical. They were very interested in finding a way to incorporate an automated list management system to manage their outbound efforts while still keeping their inbound interactions as a priority for each agent. It was a great experience to listen to the discussion develop and uncover an unmet need.

Once this solution is in place, they will be able to fill the downtime between inbound interactions with targeted, proactive outbound activity to boost the inbound activity they are looking for. I am excited to go along this journey with them while they set a new contact center standard at their company that will give them a competitive advantage in their industry.

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