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Customer Data Breaches

The news is out last week that Sony discovered that there was a breach in their user community data storage that may have exposed personal details of the customers stored in their PlayStation Network. In the same week, I sat in on an informative webinar where a member of a breach investigation service provider detailed out in one hour how many points of vulnerability that most organizations have to privacy breaches along with the usual methods and players involved in these crimes. This has left me with one thought: “go back to being a purely cash only business.” It sounds ridiculous, but if you get consumed by the hype you are led to believe that there is just too much risk associated with the information that you gather about your customers in order to transact business. Doesn’t present a sound business model, does it?

Not to minimize the hype or belittle the capacity of some very intelligent but ill-guided individuals to get information, but it’s not such a hopeless case. A return to fur trading is not likely the only solution. In fact, it’s getting easier for many companies to access the kind of technology that can be put into place to minimize the risks of data breach. Notice that I didn’t say, “eliminate.” What used to be only accessible to large companies with well-staffed IT teams is now in reach of small businesses at a very reasonable cost, especially when you consider the alternatives.

This year at Telrex, we are investing time into making it easier for our customers to lower the risks associated with capturing the sensitive customer data needed to transact business, while still being able to build a stronger business through the use of call recording and quality assurance monitoring. Based upon the guidance defined in the PCI Data Security Standards, Telrex is implementing changes in the product portfolio that will give our customers the assurance that they are taking responsible and required steps needed. We have solutions that will allow Telrex customers to protect their customers. Telrex is building solutions that have controls that will allow for the benefits that come with protecting your business with essential call recording while limiting the amount of exposure to sensitive data and eliminate unnecessary storage of that data. What is even more significant about this is that it has been a core objective in the Telrex’s history to provide practical solutions at a cost that all businesses can access.

The news of all this data breach activity going on out there seems to be limited to larger organizations, like what we recently heard about Sony. But for every criminal whose aspirations of taking down billion dollar companies, there are those less than driven and won’t discriminate against smaller companies. This doesn’t mean we have to be afraid to do business; we just have to take a few extra steps in order to protect our businesses.

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