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Customer Success: Town of Smyrna Improves Call Documentation and Reduces Disputes with CallRex Call Recording Software

In anticipation of growth, the Town of Smyrna, DE added a Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) telephone system as well as CallRex’s call recording software to their infrastructure. Previously, Town employees didn’t have ready-access to call recording.

“The lack of consistent documented calls led us to have many ‘he said, she said’ situations where our customers would complain to the Town Council about our service, and we couldn’t back their claims up,” stated James Markow, information systems manager for the Town of Smyrna. Customer service ratings suffered, and the town employees needed a way to consistently and properly document their calls.

Upon the recommendation of their Cisco reseller, the Town implemented CallRex call recording software. The reseller and Town IT staff worked with Telrex to install the solution.

“Telrex was really proactive. Our CallRex installation went smoothly, and the software is very easy to use,” said Markow.

Read the complete Town of Smyrna case study to learn how utilizing full-time recording provides employees the peace of mind that all of their interactions are properly documented.

“It’s fantastic that the Council can now rely on us to provide accurate customer documentation. Calls are easy to search and retrieve within CallRex,” said Markow.

Like the Town of Smyrna, many organizations can realize cost savings and immediate benefits from pairing IP telephone systems with CallRex call recording software. Your Telrex account manager can help you demystify call recording technology, and show you how you can unlock key trends within your customer interactions. Contact Telrex today to learn more.

>> View the Town of Smyrna case study today.

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