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Five Fan Favorites

Happy Friday! Today, I was looking over the statistics for the Telrex blog and thought that the top posts was interesting. Here are a few of the all-time favorite posts from the Telrex call recording and monitoring blog:

  1. How will the Flu Season Impact Your Business? Posted in 2009, this post discusses planning for illness and other staffing issues in your contact center. Filled with tips and tricks, you’ll want to keep this post handy as you’re working on your upcoming contact center schedules.
  2. Customer Success: Keany Produce Cultivates Quality Customer Service with CallRex Call Recording Software. A case study about how Keany Produce benefited from call recording and monitoring software in their contact center.

    “CallRex has allowed us to identify trends and correct issues or train agents. Using call recordings, we discovered issues that we hadn’t even thought of,” said Dawn Eastwood, director of IT for Keany Produce

  • Reap the Benefits of Call Recording Software. How are you using call recording and monitoring software in your company? Posted in November 2010, this blog entry details different ways that companies have reaped the benefits of call recording and monitoring software in their IP telephony environments.
  • Celebrate your Contact Center Agents. Posted in August 2010, this blog entry discusses how companies can celebrate the often unsung heroes in their contact centers. How do you recognize your customer service representatives?
  • Spotlight: State and Local Government. This October 2010 post highlights examples of how state and local government utilize call recording and monitoring software. Is your organization utilizing call recording and monitoring software to it’s fullest? The post includes a few examples of how you can expand the impact of call recording in your software.

What are your favorite posts from the Telrex blog? How are you using call recording and monitoring software in your company? Contact your Telrex representative today to learn how Telrex’s workforce optimization solutions can benefit your company.

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