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Five Mistakes Credit Unions Are Making in the Credit Union Contact Center

The world of online banking has changed the way people work with and manage their money. In the past before the development of the Internet and digital services people would go into banks and credit unions to talk to representatives and build personal relationships. Now, the art of customer service has evolved to a more digital experience across the board.

In the world of digital services it is important that people know how to treat members as people again and not as a number in a system or the path to a paycheck. We are sharing five mistakes and tips on creating personalized service in the digital world of contact center operations.

Mistake #1: Failing to provide digital touch points and mobile banking.

The world of mobile banking has exploded and self-service is taking over when it comes to banking. With the ability to take photos of checks, do digital transfers of funds between accounts and more we have all become our own personal tellers. When credit unions are not able to provide members with a solution for simple self-service tasks, members will likely look elsewhere for a streamlined experience.

Mistake #2 – Missing the human connection when communicating nonverbally.

With technology, businesses are constantly building and growing but the desire for human interaction remains. In fact, it seems that a new device or more efficient way of doing things is being offered every six months. If credit unions rely too heavily on self-service and lack an easy way for a member to speak with an agent, it can be frustrating and backfire in the customer service process. Making a phone number accessible on apps and websites is an easy way to offer a human connection as long as members can reach a human on the other end without jumping through hoops. While some members prefer an automated experience, those members that want a personal interaction will appreciate the agent on the other side taking the time to communicate clearly.

Mistake #3 – Banks Fail to Help Customers Transition between touchpoints.

When dealing with agents, members look for agents that can help transition their conversation between touchpoints including the app, website, e-mail, and phone calls. In our digital age communication is important to members and they crave the ability to bounce around when it comes to ways to communicate. Another thing to keep in mind when using nonverbal forms of communication is proper documentation. If a member opens up a support ticket by e-mail and follows up with a phone call, there should be a streamlined process to keep everyone in the loop of every interaction so it’s not starting from scratch every time. In some credit unions there are various departments for chat, phone support, and e-mail creating three different databases of member history which can get confusing and frustrating.

Mistake #4 – Financial Institutions are missing personalized service.

Personalizing every interaction in the credit union is paramount to creating relationships. This is why it is important for agents to try and remember something unique about the members they speak with. When small pieces of data are documented properly, past interactions and conversations can provide a more personalized member service. From newlyweds that may be looking to finance a house mortgage or a high school senior looking for a student loan, these types of predicable situations can be advantageous to credit unions looking to reach out and offer the proper financial products. Another key to creating these personalized success stories is to make sure there are agents available that are loan and home financing experts in these situations.

Mistake #5– Credit Unions are missing the mark on valuable conversion opportunities.

When it comes to dealing with the digital world we are constantly reminded that human assistance plays a pivotal role when purchasing financial products. Especially if someone is new to the credit union and looking to purchase a product, it’s important that the member can reach a representative directly. Encouraging members to connect with a finance advisor via chat, phone, or e-mail can significantly increase conversion rates.

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