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Fundamentals of Quality Monitoring

Today, I came across a great article by Rebecca Gibson on the Contact Center Pipeline Web site. The article, “Quality Monitoring: Back to Basics” discusses how Convergys implemented five fundamental strategies to improve their quality monitoring program.

As I read the article, it struck me that contact center quality monitoring and the quality assurance process is ultimately about making a human connection with customers and contact center agents. It also struck me that successful programs focus on behaviors, not numbers or scores. Gibson points out that making coaching a priority, and showing agents that their development is important, will positively impact performance.

Tom Vander Well at concurs, offering key tenets to quality assurance teams in his post “Praise or Criticism? What Works Best?” Vander Well stresses measuring specific behaviors, providing consistent feedback, and providing agents training and coaching.

What are you doing to effectively evaluate, coach and train your agents?

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