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How Are You Scheduling Staff for the Holidays?

The holidays are around the corner… are you ready? Will your telephones be ringing off the hooks with orders, or will your agents be filling their idle time waiting for the telephone to ring? How are you forecasting and scheduling your contact center staff this holiday season?

Accurate staff scheduling can make or break a contact center during one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year. The complexities of scheduling the right people with the right skills can be even more complicated this time of year by the addition of temporary staffing along with increased staff requests for time off. Managers are faced with trying to manually overlay historical data, estimates of current business trends, with available workforce in order to create best-case scheduling scenarios. Overstaffing can be costly, and understaffing at peak times translates to poor service and lost revenue.

Enghouse Interactive can provide you with the solution that takes the guess work out of scheduling, and utilizes advanced forecasting technology that leverages your historical data and workforce availability along with their skill sets to produce accurate staff schedules. Our workforce management solutions also provide real-time insight to how effective your scheduling is and how well your agents are adhering to their schedules.

Our team is ready to help you save money by accurately forecasting and staffing your contact center for the holidays and beyond. Contact your Enghouse Interactive representative today to schedule your personalized online demonstration of our workforce management solutions.

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