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How do I Make Time for Agent Training

Today, a potent combination of quality monitoring, call recording and real-time speech analytics deployed in the contact centre is helping organisations make time for agent training.   Here, we offer some top tips as to how you can best use these approaches to get the most from your training process.

  • Listen and learn from your sales and service ‘superstars’ – Using the latest real-time speech analytics (RTSA) tools, you can listen in and learn the key phrases that your ‘superstar’ sales and service people use to ensure they sell more and achieve optimum customer satisfaction feedback ratings. Having deciphered ‘the code’ and worked out what those key phrases are, you can then build them into your training plan and customer engagement strategy and ensure all agents use those same phrases. Indeed, the software not only lets you detect them in the first place but also prompts and ensures adherence to them when interacting with customers.

The same is true from a regulatory compliance perspective.  By learning what’s required legally and leveraging the power of the RTSA software to listen in and make sure comments from agents are legally compliant at all times, you can mitigate risk and avoid expensive fines.

  • Leverage quality management tools to deliver efficient and effective on-the-job training – Imagine a world where you have a flight deck view of what’s going on in the customer-facing arm of your business and can detect where customer journeys hit speedbumps and detours and then apply that understanding to re- map journeys. That’s the world that quality management tools deliver today. But the best of these tools go several steps further.  Information gathered by quality management systems, either in real time or batch format, from agents’ interaction with customers, can be used to inform the re-training of staff to ensure customer effort is reduced – and save time and money into the bargain.

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