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Improving Your Business with Call Recording

Here on the Enghouse Interactive blog, I often write about the benefits of recording calls. From resolving disputes to complying with regulations, businesses of all sizes benefit from call recording software.

Call recording software can also help companies improve customer service and increase employee productivity. For example, Keany Produce uses Enghouse Interactive Call Recording software (formerly CallRex) to improve customer service, improve processes, and improve employee productivity:

“CallRex has allowed us to identify trends and correct issues or train agents. Using call recordings, we discovered issues that we hadn’t even thought of.”

– Dawn Eastwood, Director of IT, Keany Produce

>> Read the complete Keany Produce case study.

In a post titled “Things You Learn Capturing Calls,” Tom Vander Well at the Service Quality Central blog listed additional information that his clients gained from recording and analyzing calls:

  • One CSR had an average number of calls for their position, but 95 percent of the calls were from family and friends.
  • Another agent who worked a territory of regular customers checked his voice mail several times an hour but rarely took a call or made a call. We suspected that he was choosing not to answer the phone, checking the voice mail, then responding to the customer via e-mail as a way of having to avoid actually talking to customers.
  • One group of sales agents simply weren’t making any of the sales calls with which they were tasked. Either the recording software wasn’t working or all of the cold calls they manually recorded on their daily sales call log were…well, you get the idea.

In addition to providing documentation of conversations with customers, prospects, vendors, and employees, call recording can provide accountability for the business.

How are you utilizing call recordings in your business? Have you found ways to improve business processes or increased productivity with your call recordings?

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