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Integrating Contact Center Solutions with Microsoft Lync

Are you able to seamlessly integrate your third party solutions, like contact center and CRM software packages, with Microsoft Lync telephony features? Are you able to maximize your use of Microsoft Lync to help your organization deliver efficient and effective customer service? Would you like to enable features like screen pop, intelligent call routing, and click-to-dial on your Microsoft Lync system?

Organizations of all sizes are migrating to Microsoft Lync to provide telephony functionality to the desktop. Lync offers some compelling cost savings, but if you are looking to evaluate Lync for your contact center operations, you’ll need to consider the cost of purchasing, training, and deploying a new contact center solution, or the administrative headache of running two separate contact centers – one for your existing PBX and one for Lync.

You no longer need to run Lync in parallel with their legacy PBX systems, nor do you have to implement disparate systems to meet your ever changing business needs. With Enghouse Interactive CTI Connect, you can make your applications compatible with Microsoft Lync and any other PBXs/ACDs that CTI Connect supports. Reduce development time, cost, and complexity by building your CTI applications with CTI Connect.

Whether you are evaluating just a few agents or planning a full migration, CTI Connect seamlessly integrates your existing contact center technology with Lync, so you can fully leverage all of your investments:

  • Enable existing third party call center CTI applications to have direct access to the Microsoft Lync platform
  • Minimal programming changes to the original application
  • Faster time to market

If you are considering moving your contact center to Lync, or you are struggling to Lync-enable your application, contact Enghouse Interactive. Our CTI Connect software can help you reduce development time, cost, and complexity, while allowing you to leverage your existing technology investments.

>> Learn more about Enghouse Interactive CTI Connect.

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