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Listening to and Delighting Your Customers

Are the right people in place at the right time to service your customers? Does your staff have the tools and time at their disposal to truly listen to and properly service their needs? Have you minimized distractions so that your employees can truly hear your customers?

Blogger Phil Gerbyshak asks: “Are you listening to what your customers need or are you just ‘hearing’ what your customers need?” In his recent post “Tune Into Your Customers,” Gerbyshak goes on to argue that your customers deserve your full attention; distractions should be minimized as you’re interfacing with them so that you can truly tune in and listen to your customers.

One example of an employee “tuning into a customer” is detailed in a recent post by Cheryl at the Service Untitled blog. The post highlighted an experience she had with a Bed Bath & Beyond representative. The Bed Bath & Beyond sales representative took the time to stop and talk with Cheryl. When they could not locate the items that Cheryl was seeking, the representative took photos of the items that Cheryl wanted to match, and sent the photos to other stores. Two days later, Cheryl received a call from the representative saying that the items she sought had been located. The representative in this story was in the right place at the right time; she took the time to listen to Cheryl’s needs, and then went “above and beyond” to insure that the customer was happy.

Are your employees empowered to do the same in order to ensure customer satisfaction? What impressions are you making on your customers?

  • Are your employees empowered to “surprise and delight” your customers?
    Have you scheduled your teams with enough coverage to ensure that all of your customers needs are being met?
  • How can you further listen to your customer interactions to be sure that you are meeting their needs?

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