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Microster Pty Limited Voice-Enables Workforce Management Solutions

Microster is an Australian-based provider of strategic workforce management systems that enable organizations to proactively control labor costs, optimize staff utilization, improve quality of service and minimize administration. To better serve their clients in the transportation and logistics industry, Microster wanted to enhance their software with interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities that would efficiently communicate variable work schedules to transportation company employees and ensure their availability for specific shifts.

Microster sought a development and deployment solution that would enable them to quickly launch this new product and off er it at an attractive price point to provide a rapid return on investment for their customers.

CT ADE was instrumental to the successful launch of our new IVR offering, it enabled us to quickly develop an extremely robust, elegant solution and offer it at a great price point.” – Michael Bowman, Microster Pty Limited

Microster used Syntellect CT ADE™ to develop and deploy an IVR module that enables phone-based work scheduling communications. The module enables employees to call in 24 hours a day, enter their identifi cation information, and access their work schedule for the next 3 days. Employees can also report any unavailability for the following week, i.e. vacation days, appointments etc., and the workforce availability database is automatically updated. When additional employees, are needed, the system conducts outbound calls to individuals in the labor pool asking if they can work specifi c shifts until the quota needed is reached. The system can also be used to schedule employee wake-up calls minimizing tardiness, and to send out general employee notifi cations to keep everyone abreast of company news and events.

View the complete Microster case study, or visit to learn how Syntellect CT ADE can enhance your environment.

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