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New Year’s Resolutions and Customer Service Goals

Happy New Year! As we begin 2010, many people and organizations are setting goals for the new year. Effective goal setting requires us to step back and assess our current situation: where have we come from and defining what we want to achieve in the future. It is important that everyone have a baseline understanding of the terms that are used in your goal setting. The Church of the Customer blog helps us kick start the process by defining objectives, goals, strategies, and tactics.

What are your goals for 2010? Will customer service continue to be a focus for your team? Blogger Phil Gerbyshak provides his definitions of customer service; perhaps these definitions can help you as you’re creating goals for your contact center in 2010. Or maybe the complete customer experience is top-of-mind for your team this year. Bruce Temkin provides a list of his top ten customer experience resolutions for 2010.

How will you measure and achieve your goals? Once your organization’s customer service goals have been defined, how will you measure your progress towards your goal? Here are a few questions and contact center optimization tactics to consider:

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