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Recording and Monitoring Desktops

Many contact centers today are seeking ways to minimize costs while ensuring high performance and customer satisfaction. Desktop monitoring software can help managers assess their contact center operations and streamline their business systems.

Data entry processes and streamlined business systems can dramatically reduce average handle times (AHT) and post-call wrap-up times. By observing employee usage, managers can identify areas for fine-tuning or assess training needs. Live monitoring and full-motion videos can provide valuable insights into the flow of business systems.

Communication is key. Implementing a new quality monitoring program can be challenging. Many employees may view computer monitoring and call recording as “big brother” looking over their shoulder. Successful quality assurance programs are implemented through positive communication and feedback, reinforcing the idea that computer recording can benefit employees. Rather than pointing out all of the flaws in a system or an agent’s approach, quality monitoring can be used to identify areas where agents are excelling. Emphasizing great behaviors and demonstrating a track record of success with desktop monitoring can help your employees continue to exceed expectations and improve contact center performance.

How are you using desktop analytics and computer monitoring software in your company today? What challenges have you had with computer desktop monitoring?

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