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Subscription-Based Licensing: An Affordable Alternative

Since early 2008, Telrex has been offering customers subscription-based pricing for our workforce optimization products. In response to the recent economic downturn, Telrex has moved to a totally subscription-based software licensing model so that we can better serve our customers’ and partners’ needs.

Subscription-based pricing offers customers the flexibility to pay for licenses over time, moving the expense from a large capital expenditure to an affordable monthly license price. With the low-cost of entry for Telrex’s workforce optimization products, it would take 30 months of subscription-based licensing to exceed the cost of perpetual licenses and annual maintenance.

In addition, Telrex’s subscription licenses include access to technical support and version upgrades throughout the life of the contract, giving you the peace of mind that your workforce optimization software will be up-to-date and supported throughout the contract term.

Learn more about Telrex’s subscription-based licensing or workforce optimization software solutions.

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