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CallRex Quality Management Suite Version 4.3

Today, we announced our latest release of the CallRex Quality Management Suite, version 4.3. We are particularly proud of this release, as we see this as an essential milestone for us is due to the breadth of the content we have added and the extent of the additional value our product suite delivers to customers. Not only have we made enhancements to some existing features but we’ve built in all new critical business functionality. We have invested in and improved the CallRex Quality Management Suite as the demands of the market have changed and the needs of our customers shift as they grow.

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Five Fan Favorites

Happy Friday! Today, I was looking over the statistics for the Telrex blog and thought that the top posts was interesting. Here are a few of the all-time favorite posts from the Telrex call recording and monitoring blog:

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What is Port Mirroring?

Port mirroring is a method of monitoring network traffic. On the majority of IP telephony systems, CallRex Call Recording software records and monitors calls by sniffing packets on the data network. In order to sniff the packets on the network, port mirroring must be set-up on the data switch.

When enabled, port mirroring will send a copy of every packet destined for a particular port to a second port. For CallRex users, this means that a copy of the telephone traffic is sent from the PBX through the data switch to both the CallRex Server and the IP-enabled telephone.

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