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“Take a bite out of bugs before they take a bite out of you!”

The title of this blog entry was something I found as the tag line for a public blog dedicated specifically to bed bugs. Yes, someone actually spent some quality time blogging everything you want to know about those pesky critters. But I’m not really surprised as it seems the news lately has been full of stories of bedbug infestations – hotels, homes, neighborhoods, large retailers and even cities are apparently being invaded. (Why do I feel another Ronald Emmerich movie will be coming out soon – “Independence Day,” “2012,” and now “Crawlers!”?) Oh, and everything I have read says, once you have them, it is not cheap to get rid of them.

So what does all of this bed bug nonsense have to do with IVR technologies? Well, in the world of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software development, we talk about “bugs” as errors in the code. And if your organization is in the business of writing IVR applications, it has undoubtedly experienced being bitten by “application bugs.” And like bed bugs, unless you proactively look for them, you might not know they’re there, they are usually hard to find, and once you have them, it is not cheap to get rid of them.

So what do you do? You take a bite out of application bugs before they take a bite out of you! (OK, it might sound a bit corny, but it does make the point.)

There are tools in the market that use automation to test your IVR applications. Some tools focus on only post-production testing while others can be used during the entire development and QA cycles. Some require you to provide scripts while others do not have to know anything about your application to start testing for potential errors. Regardless of the tools you use, focusing on continuous automated testing of your IVR applications, will ultimately lower your development costs, shorten your test cycles and help you avoid those costly bugs in a production system.

The point is: be proactive. Find the bugs before they take over your application, because once you have them, the remedy to get rid of them will cost you.

Phil Manfredi is Product Manager for all of Syntellect’s IVR, CTI and Development Tool product lines. Phil’s favorite quotation is from author E.B. White: “I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one [heck] of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult.”

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