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A Halloween Special – Turning Scary Customer Experiences Around for Good

The Enghouse Interactive team is busy preparing for a spooktacular Halloween. Hopefully your organization has some ghostly good times on the horizon as well. In the true spirit of the holiday, we’re sharing tales of frightening ways customer experiences can take a scary turn for the worse and how to carefully avoid them.

Here are a few tips to help make haunt-worthy interactions vanish as quickly as you can say, “BOO!”

  • Embody the patient, cheerful character approach… no costume required. We’re all familiar with the tried-and-true adage, “Happy agents, happy customers.” Encouraging the Halloween mindset of portraying a character or role model can prove to be beneficial, especially in the midst of difficult situations. Channeling a happy, positive and helpful persona during a frustrating encounter can ease tension and turn a potential blunder into a customer experience success. Better yet, embracing the thought process of walking in a customer’s shoes can lead to even more stellar service.
  • Keep your eye on the prize—no tricks, just treats. Steer clear of customer experience pitfalls—an inability to address issues at hand, flying tempers, fibbing to customers or any similar inappropriate behavior—by reinforcing customer service treats, including consistently resolving issues quickly and accurately, receiving outstanding satisfaction survey results and situations alike to keep efforts (and success metrics) on track.
  • Become an omni-channel rock star. Consumer demands are ever-changing, but one fact remains the same: they expect answers at a time and method that fits their needs. This can equate to multiple forms of communication over a period of time, or maybe even all at once. Keeping pace with these demands doesn’t have to be horrifying. One approach is to increase your skills-based routing to provide the agents who are better qualified to handle a certain channel, more of that channel’s volume. Or you can frequently train your workforces to ensure agents are well equipped to handle everything from calls to chat to social media conversations and every channel in between.
  • Unmask the proper tools. A contact center team is only as successful as their toolbox. Advanced technology offers the ability to greatly enhance productivity and help deliver impeccable customer service. Not only are contact center solutions such as predictive dialing, multi-media recording and proficient queuing and routing essential for seamless interactions, they help shed light on trends that pave the way for improvement.
  • Beware of the sugar monster. With all the tempting pumpkin-flavored sweets and candy lurking around every corner, it’s easy to overindulge. The sneaky dangers lie in the aftermath of the sugar’s wake. Don’t fall prey to the zombie-like symptoms of fatigue, irritability and mental fogginess. It’s tough to provide a customer-centric approach when hyped up on candy and sweets, so limiting sugar intake during work hours is best to let the outstanding service shine.

Above all else, keep making customer experience a top priority and have a safe and happy Halloween!

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