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Achieving Your Business Goals

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The New Year often inspires us to start fresh, reassess, refocus, or reboot. Lists of resolutions abound! As it usually trends, many businesses use the new calendar (or fiscal) year to build a resolution list of their own. The common denominators on these lists often include worthwhile objectives to be more efficient, provide higher levels of service, and build stronger business relationships. If you think that sounds cliché, it is no more so than the same promise we all make to ourselves every year to lose weight! I digress…

The good news is that a great number of companies in several industries may be closer to achieving their goals than they realize. Some companies have the solution already in-house! Recent years have seen a surge in adoption of call recording technology across all business types. This was driven strongly by another wave of regulatory pressures but also in part inspired by the maturity of the technology, more affordable options, and the broad acceptance of call recording as a way to protect a business.

Whether the decision to adopt a call recording solution was driven by regulation, the desire to have audit trails for your business transactions, or for oversight into the levels of service you provide, you are now in possession of a very powerful business enablement solution. The ability to capture, monitor, and review telephone transactions in your business provides you a way to drive business to be more efficient and focus more closely on quality of service. First time adopters of call recording solutions are only a few steps away from taking stronger control of their business.

As a first step towards greater business insight, I recommend taking advantage of the ability to live monitor calls. With the ability to  monitor phone calls as they are taking place, a manager or business owner can have real-time insight into how smoothly business is being transacted (of course it’s not necessary to do this “live,” recorded calls can always be reviewed after the fact). In those situations where there are deficiencies identified or examples of exemplary service being provided, managers can mark these calls for review later. In the CallRex Call Recording solution, this is referred to as flagging. Flagged calls can easily be retrieved later for review and used for staff training.

The next step beyond live call monitoring is cross referencing call interactions with viewing the synchronized capture of the agent’s desktop; either in real-time as the call is taking place, or at a later time. With the addition of desktop screen capture along with the call audio, a manager now can more clearly associate how the agents’ interactions with customers may be impacted by their interaction with the software system they use, such as a CRM or other data entry interface. The combination will more clearly identify if there is a training issue that needs to be addressed or a data input work flow problem that may be hindering efficiency.

The last step for quality management adoption would be the use of a structured staff evaluation solution. As with the CallRex Agent Evaluation solution, a manager can create an objective evaluation method that leverages the data in the captured call transactions to define, evaluate, and improve on staff performance. A business manager can build a scoring mechanism based on their own specific performance criteria. Using customized score cards, managers can have a guided one-on-one session with staff members to review their performance on as many topics as needed and use actual call recordings in conjunction with the score card to identify those performance areas that require attention.

For those not familiar with the technology being identified in these steps, it may sound like quite an undertaking and an even greater investment. This is a myth! If you are already capturing call recordings today, you are already more than half way into the time and financial investment needed to bring full quality management to your business. For an incremental investment, a business can add the ability to capture desktop recordings and adopt a simple agent evaluation solution.

Choosing the right solution for your business needs is your next step. Find a solution that satisfies your business needs and is easy to deploy and use. Overly complicated products can dramatically hamper the process and all too often cause enough barriers to stop your progress dead. However you decide to approach it, you will be quite surprised at how much more insight you can gain into your business activities and how to use that knowledge to grow.

To learn more about how Enghouse Interactive can help you improve your business with call recording and quality management solutions, contact your preferred reseller or Enghouse Interactive account manager today.

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