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How Technology Can Increase Agent Productivity

Agent productivity has always been a key consideration for contact centres and technology can play a huge role in helping to achieve this. Here are just 3 ways that technology can deliver enhanced efficiency and drive up productivity.


1. Providing an effective interface to help agents handle interactions

Businesses need to give contact centre agents a consistent user interface capable of handling all aspects of omnichannel communication while ensuring they have visibility into all their interactions. In line with this, Enghouse Interactive has invested in its new TouchPoint solution, a web-accessible agent, supervisor, and admin user interface specifically designed for multi-tasking agents.

Having the tools they need on a single desktop means that agents can manage all customer interactions as if they were the same, whatever the channel over which the customer chooses to engage. There is no need to switch to a different interface for call handling, emails or webchat, for example. It’s easy for agents to use. The whole process is more streamlined and efficient, and agent productivity is raised as a result.


2. Monitoring interactions and measuring performance

This capability is typically delivered within contact centres by quality monitoring tools including call recording and scorecarding capabilities. The rationale is to provide feedback to agents to help them understand how they are performing and find ways to improve. The latest quality management solutions now enable this, allowing agents to see feedback in real-time through their own desktop tool, including details of the latest evaluations that have been carried out on them.  They can assess the reasons why they have scored well, or poorly, and make adjustments accordingly and the business can tailor their training around areas that need improvement. Agent productivity will improve as a result.


3. Real-Time Speech Analytics

A real-time speech analytics approach offers businesses the chance to monitor and improve conversations in real time, as well as evaluating call recordings. Unlike manual scorecarding which is labour intensive and as such only employs small sample sizes, real-time speech analytics can analyse high volumes of interactions without human involvement and produce scores across a large sample size. This means that speech analytics delivers a more representative picture of the service provided. The business and the agents themselves can more readily identify good and bad practices and changes made to deliver enhanced efficiency and drive up productivity.

The real-time feedback agents receive is critical here in guiding the kind of language they use and the way they engage with customers. Productivity and compliance is improved as the agent is able to resolve the customer’s enquiries more efficiently resulting in an increase in first call resolution.

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