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Announcing Support for TAPI/WAV Recording

Today, Telrex is announcing support for recording ShoreTel Office Anywhere calls through an integration with ShoreTel TAPI/WAV technology. With the latest release, CallRex Call Recording now supports two types of TAPI-based integrations with ShoreTel IP telephony systems, offering customers the flexibility to implement call recording without the additional expense of hardware or scrificing their preferred network configuration.

With the TAPI/WAV integration, call audio and data are send directy from the ShoreTel swicth, allowing CallRex to record and monitor Office Anywhere and external calls. Telrex’s standard TAPI-based integration, on the other hand, utilized port mirroring and allows the CallRex software to record and monitor both internal and external calls.

Learn more about call recording solutions for ShoreTel:

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