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The “New” Brand You Probably Already Know

The following article originally appeared in the May 2012 edition of the NACC In Queue newsletter

In recent months, you have probably seen Enghouse Interactive mentioned in various articles and white paper offerings. But you may be saying to yourself, “who or what is Enghouse Interactive?” The name may be new, but chances are that you already know one or more of the interaction management brands that make up Enghouse Interactive. This article will provide a high-level view of the who, what and why behind the new brand you probably already know.

If you have anything to do with contact center and/or IVR, you may know Syntellect or CosmoCom premise and cloud-based contact center suites. If you’ve looked at IP call recording, you may already be familiar with the Telrex family of quality management solutions.  And, if you use an attendant/operator console for a Cisco or Avaya Blue (Nortel) PBX you are probably deploying an Arc Solutions or Datapulse console or directory services solution respectively. Until recently, these brands you might already know operated independently of each other for the most part, until their parent company, Enghouse Systems Ltd. based in Toronto, decided it was time to combine their strategic acquisitions of interaction management technology under one brand to offer customers and channels a broad portfolio of solutions spanning structured, unstructured and self-service interactions (more on these in a moment).

And so Enghouse Interactive was formally born to provide software and expertise to help organizations optimize the value of their customer interactions. Now a single, global organization, Enghouse Interactive delivers flexible and scalable solutions that will meet a company’s communications needs across their organization, including: global communications management, contact center solutions, attendant consoles, IVR/self-service and call recording and quality management tools.

By uniting the once separate companies under a single brand, Enghouse Interactive is better able to address the current and future needs of their end users and channel partners. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of flexible communications solutions can be easily deployed and modified to address a variety of customer interaction needs. The interaction management suite of applications works well together or as standalone solutions. Mixed telephony switch support enables deployment across a multitude of telephone systems and implementation models, ranging from on premise to cloud-based  to  cover  the full spectrum of customer interactions.

So what are the elements of “full spectrum” that we mentioned above? Structured interactions are typically higher-volume, lower-value communications handled through a contact center environment and normally involve a defined process, such as information provision or a financial transaction. Unstructured interactions typically enter organizations through the “front door” via an operator or attendant and tend to be more consultative in nature with less defined caller requirements. These interactions can be quite valuable, so it is essential that they are processed efficiently and professionally to enhance and maximize the customer experience. Finally, self-service is defined as interactions that are generally serviced through an automated resource, such as IVR, and enable customers to efficiently manage their own interactions entirely, or provide the front end to pass information to live agents or attendants for more efficient and satisfying structured or unstructured communications.

No matter how customers communicate with a company, these touch points and interactions need to be streamlined to: improve efficiency, maximize revenues, optimize resources, improve service levels and retain and grow customers.  That is exactly what Enghouse Interactive is here to help with. You can learn more about Enghouse Interactive at

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