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Call Recording for Dispute Resolution

Contact centers utilize call recordings for many different reasons including achieving regulatory compliance, ensuring high quality customer service, enhancing employee training and productivity, and resolving customer disputes. Dispute resolution and legal liability issues can stretch beyond the contact center as well.

One customer, Evergreen Professional Recoveries, immediately benefited from call recording technologies in their call center. The ability to quickly search for call recordings has proven to be a lucrative feature across the company. Now, when potential issues arise, managers can quickly search for call recordings and export them for use in common desktop media players. The ability to e-mail calls has saved tens of thousands of dollars for Evergreen Professional Recoveries, as the calls can be used to clear up the “he said, she said” situations before issues are escalated to litigation.

“Call recording has headed off at least two frivolous lawsuits in the past three months, which would have cost us at least $10,000 in fees,” said Ken Ross, CEO of Evergreen Professional Recoveries.

View the complete Evergreen Professional Recoveries case study to learn more.

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