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Call Recording for Small Businesses

Previously, I posted the article “Are Smaller Companies Exposed from a Lack of Call Recording?” The following is part two, discussing how smaller businesses may benefit from adding call recording capabilities.

Improve Training & Customer Service Delivery
Beyond minimizing vulnerabilities, call recording can and should be a tool to improve the quality of customer interactions. The “training purposes” cited in the message you receive while on hold for a company needs to be real. Managers and supervisors may be extremely talented at training their staff and dealing with internal issues, but they need the right tools to do their job. With interaction recording, they have the best material for training possible – real examples of what to do and what not to do to improve customer service.

Managers that have on-demand access to recordings are also able to quickly address issues related to agent behavior and more readily deal with customer complaints and disputes.  In case of customer complaints, call recording can set aside the emotionally-draining waste of time of hearing two seemingly different versions of the same story, one from the customer and one from the agent. There is only one version of the conversation and that is what is recorded.

Understanding Customer Interactions
Most companies have at least some basic forms of measurement in place that look at call duration and volume. But sometimes the ability to understand context can trump the value of those more linear measurements. The understanding that can be gained from a sample of real-life recordings of customer interactions can sometimes provide more context and more clues about how to improve customer service, company procedures, and the business in general than a thousand metrics.

So if the benefits are so profound, what is holding back small to medium businesses (SMBs) from taking on call recording? For SMBs, cost is always a major concern. They do not have the multi-million dollar budgets that their larger competitors have. However with call recording, cost is not the issue that they may think or fear it is.

The problem can sometimes be a lack of understanding of both the actual cost and therefore the ROI from this type of technology. It is easy to think that it is much more expensive than it really is, because they are looking in the wrong place. If they are looking at call recording targeted at larger companies, it is no wonder that they think it is out of their reach.

The truth is that there are call recording solutions which are directly targeted at SMBs. Yes, every new solution has a price tag. But with solutions that are targeted at SMBs, the costs are dramatically lower than many SMBs may think. That said, the ROI will not be any lower, proportionally, than it would be for a much larger company. The legal vulnerabilities and customer service issues that remain for smaller companies without call recording are real. But it does not have to be this way.

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