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CCaaS is The Smart Way to Solve Customer-Facing BPO Challenges

As companies’ omni-channel customer experience demands increase, savvy BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) providers are turning to the cloud to provide flexible and scalable contact center offerings. Aberdeen research found that customers having a wealth of information on competitors and expecting a consistent experience across all channels were the two main concerns keeping Customer Experience Management executives up at night.

These concerns weigh heavily on organizations, especially when it comes to making decisions about their contact centers. Legacy contact centers have fallen out of favor with CEM managers as they recognize that today’s consumers regularly communicate on multiple channels, from different devices and expect flexibility as well as a personalization of their interactions from the businesses they purchase products and services from. This sentiment is becoming especially evident in the contact center outsourcing industry, which has long been known for experiencing greater provider churn than other outsourced business processes. According to research from outsourcing consultancy Everest Group, the churn rate for contact center outsourcers increased from 33% three years ago to 50% in more recent years.

One way BPO providers are addressing the growing dissatisfaction with outsourced contact centers is by turning to the cloud. While there are myriad reasons for a BPO to consider creating cloud-based solutions over traditional, premise solutions, two major reasons are flexibility and scalability. In a CCaaS environment, a BPO can easily remove or add agents and add new features and functions, effectively flexing to meet the changing needs of clients, without consuming IT resources on lengthy projects.

What Aberdeen found in common among businesses that were able to overcome the challenges impacting customer experience programs was their ability to leverage customer data to create a unified view of the customer. This is the first step in creating an omni-channel customer experience, which is defined as enabling the end customer to have a seamless sales or service experience with an agent via call, chat, or email from any device. BPO companies that get omni-channel right are more likely to achieve the ultimate balance of improving the customer experience; increasing revenue, customer retention, and operational excellence; and reducing costs.

Many BPOs find themselves in the predicament of having aging on-premise contact center infrastructure and high client turnover. They need to make much-needed technology refreshes, but multiple, lengthy and expensive upgrades to legacy contact center applications are not viable and short returns on investment are a must. A cloud-based CCaaS application platform is a smart choice that meets these needs with a lower IT resource investment and better long-term TCO. To learn more reasons why CCaaS is smart for BPO’s, read our Whitepaper here.

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