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Cellebrum Technologies Standardizes on CT ADE

Cellebrum Technologies, a leading provider of mobile messaging, needed an advantage. They sought a development tool that would speed time to market for new services and ensure that they could be easily enhanced and customer demands evolved and new technologies were introduced.

Cellebrum Technologies chose to standardize with CT ADE for the development of VAS services. CT ADE provides powerful development capabilities programmers can use to quickly create sophisticated solutions from pre-built building blocks. Native support for multiple speech, telephony, SS7 and VoIP protocols helps the company mitigate technology risks. The Syntellect-based solutions can be deployed in a wide range of customer environments and can be migrated to newer technologies without costly changes.

“Developing with CT ADE reduced Cellebrum service creation time by more than 80 percent, and time is vital in the highly competitive market in which Cellebrum operates.” – Mr. Saket Agarwal, CEO, Cellebrum Technologies

Learn how CT ADEhelped Cellebrum quickly migrate their existing VAS solutions to a new platform by reading the complete case study today.

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