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Customer Service Inspiration

Tomorrow, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States; a time when we reflect upon what we are grateful for and we reconnect with our friends and family. Thank you for visiting the Telrex blog and participating in the community. You are appreciated!

Before heading out for the holiday weekend, I thought that I would provide you with a few links that have helped spur some great customer service and business related inspiration for me recently:

  1. Service Untitled writes about “Customer Escalations and You,” asking what the right balance is between spending time on escalated customer issues versus focusing on team management and business strategy. How do you focus your time and energy throughout the day?
  2. Maria Palma at People to People Service asks if “Customer Service [is] Improving?” Palma notes multiple instances where employees have gone “above and beyond” to make sure that her order or issue is taken care of properly. Have you had the same experience? How do you encourage your staff to surprise and delight customers?
  3. Joe Rawlinson, author of the Return Customer blog, reflects on “Counting Your Business Blessings.” What are your business blessings this year?
  4. Finally, I stumbled across a fun resource to help you pronounce names. Visit to hear native speakers pronouncing thousands of names from around the globe. (Hat tip to for the link!)

I hope that these links help to inspire great ideas for you this week too, and that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!

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