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Customer Success: Accountability Across the Organization and Beyond

Recording telephone interactions can bring accountability across the organization — and to the customer. U.S. Oil, Inc. initially implemented call recording technology for call center agent training. When handling more than 4,000 customer telephone calls a day, there are bound to be times when a Customer Service Center associate makes a mistake in taking an order, or when another U.S. Oil associate makes a mistake in shipping an order. But there are also times when the customer makes the mistake.

“It’s as simple as a garage mechanic calling up and asking us to send the muffler for a 1988 Ford Thunderbird, and then calling us after it arrives and complaining that he ordered a 1998 muffler and that we need to overnight the shipment so he can get the car out on time,” says Tom Kriplean, Technology Director at U.S. Oil Co., Inc. “We used to assume that the mistake was ours. Now our sales associates can say, ‘As you know we record all of our calls. Let me check that conversation and I’ll call you right back.'”

The company has found that about 85 percent of the time it was the customer who made the mistake. The Customer Service Center associate can play the conversation back to the customer or send them the call as an e-mail attachment.

“We still want our customers to be happy, but it changes the dynamic of the call, and can save us money on special shipping the customer might otherwise demand,” says Kriplean. “CallRex has been priceless in helping us to bring accountability to the dispute resolution process.”

View the complete U.S. Oil, Inc. case study to learn more about how call recording has brought accountability across the organization and eased the dispute resolution process.

Call recording and other technologies allow the voice of the customer to be leveraged across organizations, bringing accountability and better customer experiences. From dispute resolution to covering legal liability, the portability of call recordings can allow companies to operate more efficiently and to cut costs. Allowing the “voice of the customer” to be heard across the silos can benefit everyone in your enterprise.

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