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Customer Success: United Supply Company Speeds Dispute Resolution with CallRex Call Recording Software

United Supply Company utilizes ShoreTel IP telephone systems at seven separate sites throughout the eastern portion of the United States. Prior to implementing CallRex call recording software, the company was using long play tape recorders. Searching for calls to settle disputes took up to a half a day for United Supply.

“With the CallRex call recording solution in place, we can easily locate calls and have the added advantage of being able to send calls via e-mail to disputing parties. Enough disputes have been resolved with CallRex call recordings that we have realized a return on our investment,” said Don Gregory, IT manager for
United Supply Co.

Read the complete United Supply Co. case study to learn how CallRex call recording software helped speed dispute resolution.

“We chose to move to CallRex call recording software because it was a proven, certified solution for our ShoreTel system, and the solution was very cost
effective,” said Gregory.

Like United Supply Co., many organizations can realize cost savings and immediate benefits from pairing IP telephone systems with CallRex call recording software. Your Telrex account manager can help you demystify call recording technology, and show you how you can unlock key trends within your customer interactions. Contact your Telrex account manager to learn more.

>> View the United Supply Company case study.

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