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Effectively Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be a moving target, making measurement even more challenging. Imagine this call in your contact center:

“Thank you, you’ve been very helpful, but I am not happy that I have had to call your company three times to have this issue resolved.”

Ask yourself:

  • Is this a satisfied customer?
  • How many calls like this are your agents handling every day?
  • Do you really know how satisfied all of your callers are?
  • How could you spot this and other customer satisfaction issues?

Understanding what factors affect customer satisfaction can help you make changes that will really make a difference. If all of your customers could be accurately surveyed, then you could have a true and total view of what your customers are thinking, saying, and doing. Armed with this insight, you can make truly informed decisions that would drive customer satisfaction, sales, and maximize business performance.

You can survey up to 100% of your recorded calls with CallRex Speech Analytics services to capture valuable, actionable, business information. Visit Telrex’s Web site to request a white paper that illustrates how speech analytics can drive customer satisfaction and performance in a contact center. Download the free white paper to learn how your entire company can benefit from call center interaction analysis.

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