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Enghouse Interactive is Going Back to School!

The Enghouse team recently caught up with another Enghouse Champion. Say hello to Josh Ervin, senior information and technology analyst and find out how Enghouse Interactive solutions have helped transform a university contact center. Josh and his team went with the Enghouse solution in an effort to increase their service level to customers, students, and faculty in addition to capitalize on their investment by boosting the service level and customer retention. Since implementing Enghouse, management teams are now able to accurately access agent’s performance resulting in increased coaching opportunities and a better understanding of call handling. With call recording, they are able to access the volume of calls being received and review analytics pertaining to the type of calls coming in.  When Josh was asked to sum up the relationship between the university and Enghouse, he chose the word “valuable.” Not only is Enghouse a valuable solution when it comes for getting the best bang for your buck, Josh points out that his organization is able to gather valuable information that helps benefit their students and faculty by providing a smooth interaction across all channels. While the Enghouse technology helped effectively link callers to agents- the internal processes resulted in both customer and company triumphs. Josh and his team are thankful for the comprehensive suite of products available to fill a few niches in their organization and looks forward to a bright future collaborating with Enghouse.

To watch the full interview with Josh Ervin, click HERE

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