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Enhanced Support for Mitel Secure Call Recording Connector

Today, Telrex announced support for call recording using DHCP, encryption, Teleworker, or hot desking with Mitel Secure Recording Connector version 2.0. The Mitel Secure Recording Connector (SRC) is a call recording solution from Mitel, allowing third party recording packages, like CallRex Call Recording software, to record Mitel encrypted voice streams.

In addition to supporting recording encrypted calls with SRC, CallRex also supports recording unencrypted voice traffic with a MiTAI-based integration for Mitel’s 3300 ICP and the SX-200 ICP as well as an OAI-based integration with the Mitel 5000 system. CallRex Call Recording software is customizable, allowing companies to tailor their call recording installations to suite their business and networking needs.

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