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First Impressions Count

At Enghouse Interactive, we believe that your operators and your telephone system act as the front door to your business. Often, a customer’s first impression of your organization is over the telephone. Which impressions are you leaving with your customers:

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Do your customers feel welcomed by your phone system? Or do they have to wade through menus and transfers to get the information that they need?
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How can you make the front door to your business welcoming?
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First impressions count, and how you handle each customer interaction impacts customer satisfaction, and ultimately your company’s bottom line. In ContactBabel’s US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2013, respondents were asked to choose the three most important factors impacting customer satisfaction. 84% of the respondents chose “polite and friendly agents,” 71% selected “first-call resolution,” and 49% chose “short queue times.”

How you handle calls – from the initial operator interaction to completing the transaction – leaves an impression on your customers about your company and impacts customer satisfaction. What impression are your callers getting from their interactions with your company? Are you providing a clean and clear path to the employee or department that they need to speak with? Are you welcoming callers and communicating with them about wait times, current offerings, and efficiently handling their inquiries?

Offering comfort messages while callers are on hold, routing calls to match the callers with the most skilled employee, and prioritizing calls can improve your customers’ experience while improving efficiency. These telephone functions are not reserved for larger companies. According to ContactBabel, 42% of respondents in sub-50 seat contact centers report using touchtone interactive voice response (IVR) or ASR for routing, demonstrating that this is no longer a technology just for operations with lots of budget and an in-house IT support.

Enghouse Interactive offers solutions that include the features of a call center platform – like intelligent routing, agent log on/off and management reporting — at a fraction of the cost of a full contact center solution. Ideal for help desks, customer service centers, sales departments, and small- to medium-sized businesses, Arc Call Connect enables departments or teams to answer incoming calls intelligently and efficiently. Learn more.

>> To learn how your company could benefit from Arc Call Connect on your Cisco Unified Communication Manager system, contact your Enghouse Interactive account manager today.

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