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Hosted vs. On-Premise Call Recording Solutions

Hosted and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are becoming increasingly popular options for companies. But, the decision to move to a hosted solution is not without its issues. In choosing hosted solutions, companies can reduce capital expenditures and rely on third-party providers for technical support. In addition, hosted solutions can provide companies access to up-to-date functionality and resources without additional overhead costs.

Hosted solutions don’t come without their downsides as well. For example, with a hosted call recording solution, you are entrusting your valuable recorded call data to an outside data center. With an on-premise solution, you can rest easy knowing that your call recordings are stored securely on your in-house servers. In addition, since you control the servers and the environment, you can grow your call recording capabilities on-demand to meet your evolving business needs. Your IT staff has access to the servers and data files required to customize your call recording triggers, retention policies, and licensing needs.

A Few Considerations
When selecting a call recording vendor, you should take into account the company’s history and what will best suit your business needs. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do they have a portfolio of satisfied call recording customers?
  • What is the company’s primary line of business? Are they experts in providing workforce optimization solutions, or is that a secondary offering?
  • Is your IT staff able to take on the responsibility for the “care and feeding” of additional servers?
  • Do you trust the vendor—are your call recording files secure within the hosted environment, or would you be more comfortable securing your valuable recording files within your network?
  • Would a hosted solution allow you to leverage the investments that you have made in existing infrastructure like CRM solutions or knowledge management systems?
  • Regardless of where your call recording server is hosted, does the solution support your business needs? For example, are remote sites and at-home agents recorded using the system?

To learn more about the call recording and workforce optimization solutions available from Telrex, contact your Telrex account manager.

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