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How Are You Using Customer Conversations?

Your company’s everyday telephone conversations can be a treasure-trove of business information and training opportunities. If you’re using call recording software to capture conversations, you’re on the right path to tapping the information within each call. There are many different ways that you can leverage your daily customer interactions, including:

  • Create a call library that highlights exceptional calls from each of your employees. By providing examples of great customer calls, employees can pick up tips and techniques for their upcoming conversations. As an added bonus, the library is an opportunity to recognize your employees for a job well done.
  • Regularly evaluate calls. By implementing a regular quality monitoring program, you can efficiently provide feedback to employees so that they can continue to deliver high-quality service to your customers. Quality monitoring software packages often offer the ability to score calls based upon criteria specific to your business needs, as well as provide reports to help assess your customer service programs.
  • Attach calls to business systems. Capture the complete customer profile in CRM records and other business systems by attaching .WAV files of conversations to pertinent records. Using the free Quality Management API, customers can create connections between their business systems and their Call Recording software.
  • Identify training gaps with a quality management program. Implement a quality management system in order to capture calls, evaluate interactions, and identify areas for process improvement or employee training opportunities. Intuitive agent evaluation reports provide trending information and help contact center managers to identify areas where employees are excelling or where they can use guidance.

How are you leveraging your everyday customer conversations? Have you created a call recording library or identified areas for customer service training? Contact us today to learn how we can help you optimize your customer conversations.

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