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How Enghouse Interactive is Helping Brides Plan the Perfect Wedding Day.

It may come as a surprise that Enghouse Interactive is involved with wedding planning. However,  most young women dream of the day they get to put on a fancy white dress and walk down the aisle to tie the knot with their prince charming. This dream becomes a reality at the USA’s biggest wedding retailer who has recently implemented Enghouse Interactive’s TouchPoint solution for contact centers. The PBX TouchPoint vastly expands agent capabilities and empowers supervisors to create a superior customer experience while maximizing any sales and upselling opportunities.

The addition of a new Web Chat channel, more streamlined communications handling, and skills-based routing all helped agents better service and sell to excited customers preparing for this big day.  In fact, since the TouchPoint implementation, the retailer has seen revenue targets exceeded by up to 70%, average call handle times reduced by 30 seconds and up to a 10% improvement in CSAT ratings!  And the new Web Chat channel has increased customer communications so much they hired 25 extra agents to deal with this new business coming through the contact center.

In addition to selling gowns and merchandise, Touchpoint has facilitated agents to be proactive and book appointments for brides at their preferred store, giving back time to the in-store retail associates to focus on the in-store customer experience. The contact center actually had to hire 25 additional employees to combat the call volume, a great problem to have in a contact center. Not only did sales increase, but contact center employee satisfaction and performance skyrocketed resulting in shaving off an average of 30 seconds in call handling time.

The good news does not stop there, with supervisors now better equipped to get the most out of the contact center with unified reporting and admin tools in conjunction with proactive workforce management software giving them higher levels of visibility and control over queues and agents to ensure a seamless customer experience.




*This data was collected by an independent study conducted by Nemertes Research group in a Business Value Analysis.

Nemertes Business Value Analysis independently evaluates technology products and services to identify the value to enterprise organizations. Through detailed interviews with technology professionals who use the products or services, Nemertes analyzes and quantifies the real-world benefits and improvements to the efficiency of their organizations.

To download a copy of the full Nemertes Business Value Analysis click here


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