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Interaction Recording

Enghouse Interactive has partnered with ContactBabel to bring you the 2012 ContactBabel Decision Makers’ Guide. The following is an excerpt from the Guide discussing new customer service media channels for contact centers.

For the past decade, there has been increasing desire within contact centers to improve upon customer satisfaction and experience, in order to keep customers loyal and profitable for longer. ContactBabel studies have consistently shown that increasing customer satisfaction is the no.1 focus of US contact centers, outperforming other key areas such as decreasing costs or increasing sales.

Call recording and monitoring may have been around for a long time, but it is at the forefront of the battle to improve quality and thus customer satisfaction and loyalty. The new generation of interaction recording solutions brings the whole contact center into play, potentially gaining at several levels of the business through using the solution in different ways.

Call recording is one of the most prevalent contact center solutions, having many applications around quality assurance, compliance, security and agent training. It is used by 80% of respondents, 18% of which state that they wish to replace or upgrade their current system. Only 5% of respondents have no intention of using call recording.

The majority of respondents in all sectors surveyed, use call recording today, a solid background upon which new applications based on call recordings can thrive.

The use of call recording is influenced by the size of the contact center operation although the figure of 69% penetration in small operations shows that vendors have been able to offer solutions successfully at various price points.

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