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Leveraging Call Recordings

Companies record their calls for many different reasons: for dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, to limit legal liability, and even increase security. In addition to these key objectives, call recordings can be used to improve employee productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Rather than simply recording and archiving calls, companies have the opportunity to leverage the call recordings through agent coaching or speech analytics.

Quality Coaching
One of the keys to a successful coaching program is to involve employees in the process from the beginning. Perhaps agents can suggest calls for review by management — either because the call was successful, or the agent felt that they could use guidance on call handling. In allowing active agent participation, employees will view call recordings as an asset to their work.

Customer Satisfaction
Are your customers really happy? Consider analyzing your call recordings for key phrases or emotions to identify business trends and satisfaction ratings. Speech analytics technology has increasingly become an affordable avenue for measuring business success. Call recordings can be a “goldmine” of competitive and market information, and can be leveraged as a business asset.

When implemented properly, call recording programs can be beneficial to employees, managers, and companies in diagnosing the health of the business. Learn more about how you can leverage your call recordings with solutions from Telrex.

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